Jose F., Richmond, CA USA


"My wife and I were cheated by our realtor and we lost title and equity in our family home during refinance. I was lucky to find attorney Svetlana Couture. She filed a civil case for us and helped with our settlement which included return of our property and the lost equity and getting damages for us. She  also helped the police department and D.A. in prosecution of their case against the realtor and his co-conspirators. Thank you, Svetlana!"

Elaine D., Hayward, CA USA


"My abusive husband did not want to be fair during our divorce and was threatening during our custody battle.  I hired Svetlana as my lawyer and she achieved the results I was hoping to achieve.  I got full custody and full division of all property.  When my ex tried to hide some assets from the Court, Svetlana was able to find them and prove that to the Court at trial. As result, I was entitled to a higher share of assets than expected. Great work, Svetlana!"

Vera T., Ramona, CA


"My husband surprised me with a divorce and tried to kick me out of our family home. I was lucky to find Svetlana who proved to the Judge that my ex falsified documents and tried to defraud me as part of the divorce because he was fully aware that I did not speak good English and did not understand American legal system. Svetlana helped me get through the divorce, got me spousal support and my share of marital assets.  I am very grateful and lucky"

Floyd P., Oakland, CA USA


"When my condominium was under repair, the company and Homeowner's Association were negligent in their work causing mold and mildew in my home.  Everyone got very sick because of that, further clean up na repairs were needed but the company and HOA were refusing to compensate and fix the problems.  I was lucky to find Svetlana and she made sure that all mold and mildew were removed and that we were compensated in a way that helped our health improve and provided all of us with a secure future.  We couldn't have done it without Svetlana's help!"

Mario M., Buenos Aires, Argentina


"I purchased investment properties in California during economic downturn and returned to my home country.  I retained Svetlana to address a different legal problem but in the process of her work she discovered that all investment properties were fraudulently transferred away from me and my wife.  I then retained Svetlana to file a lawsuit and she fought it long and hard until, on the eve of trial, we achieved desirable settlement. I got compensated for all lost investment and profits.  I know I could not have done it without Svetlana's expertise and her hard work." 

Casey F., Encinitas, CA USA


"My ex was causing custody litigation by making false accusations against me in Court.  My custody matter has been through extensive battles throughout many years, and the ex kept on coming back to court for more. It was wearing me and my child out, and the stress was unbearable to both of us.Luckily,  I was able to find Svetlana Couture and she agreed to take my case even though I did not have a full retainer.  We were in litigation for over two years, but the end result was very positive.  I kept full custody and the ex ended up paying me more support and legal fees."  

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